CD Consulting Engineers Inc

CD Consulting Engineers is made up of retired contractors and licensed civil structural engineers.  We have not only designed with most types of construction, we have physically built with them.  Nothing has prepared us better for design than knowing how things are actually built.  We are currently licensed for civil and structural work in Utah, Nevada, Colorado and Arizona and are registered with NCEES and can obtain licensure in almost every state.  We also strive to be at the forefront of technology, utilizing the most current software and analysis methods available.

We can provide not only commercial and residential construction documents but we are also available for Construction Administration, Floor Level Surveys, Drafting, FHA Home Inspection Reports, Peer Review, Percolation Testing, On-Site Waste Water System Designs (Septic System Design) (Commercial and Residential) and Value Engineering. If you have any questions about what we could do for you, or would like to find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our friendly and professional team are always happy to help!

Construction engineers meeting on site


Want to be spoiled? Give CD Consulting Engineers a try. You’ll find old fashioned service……delivered with a smile….and on time. I love working with Chris and Robert, the level of trust we have is something special. They are not afraid of ugly, nasty and dirty, they do what needs to be done with rarely a change order. Reports are great with needed details and clear instructions to the contractor.
“It has been our pleasure to work with Chris and Robert on two projects, and to bid on others. We have found their design work to be detailed and very thorough. They are quick to provide help and to answer questions. We look forward to working with them and would recommend their services to all.”
Phil Schmidt
“Throughout the projects we have worked with CD Consulting Engineers, we have been very pleased with the assistance and prompt correspondence therein.  CD Consulting Engineers’ knowledge in the field and the professionalism of their team make our interactions a pleasant process.  We look forward to working with CD Consulting Engineers in the future and endorse this company with a recommend.”
Doug Dennett